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Gillie Jean King stands boldly as a pioneering queer creative studio, distinguished by its exclusive specialisation in crafting tailor-made performance-wear through meticulous, handmade-to-order private commissions. Launched by Gillian Macdonald in 2021, it swiftly rose to prominence as one of Scotland's foremost costume designers, particularly revered within the vibrant drag community.

At the heart of Gillie Jean King is Gillian's multifaceted skill set and unwavering attention to detail, culminating in designs that are not only instantly recognisable but have garnered a fiercely loyal following. Operating on a unique handmade-to-order private commission model, Gillian has forged profound connections with clients on a one-to-one basis, propelling the brand to become a household name within the scene.

At the core of Gillie Jean King is a commitment to slow, ethical fashion production. Every garment is lovingly crafted in a sustainably friendly manner at a small sewing studio in Bridgeton, in the East End of Glasgow. Clients take pride in owning these bespoke pieces, not only as a symbol of their investment but also as a statement of support for slow and ethical manufacture. The result? A vibrant online creative community that has propelled Gillie Jean King to hold an impressive 82% customer return rate.

Gillian Macdonald, as the driving force behind the brand, embodies independent values that have remained unwavering. As a queer, neuro-diverse, plus-size woman, she consciously seeks collaboration with individuals from under-represented communities. Gillian actively fosters a safe and inclusive environment, using her platform to advocate for change within the design industry and championing the beauty of diverse bodies showcased in her creations.

Passion fuels the brand, and Gillian's platform resonates not just within the queer, costume, and fashion sectors in Scotland, but as a beacon of inspiration and change within the broader design landscape. Gillie Jean King isn't merely crafting garments; it's cultivating a movement where creativity, sustainability, and inclusivity converge to redefine the narrative in fashion and performance-wear.